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Motorola r1 the storm of motorola mobile phones

Motorola R1 The Storm Of Motorola Mobile Phones You have a situation where Motorola has introduced only three or four Motorola mobiles in recent months. You have the Motorola Dext, the Motorola Milestone and the Motorola WX 160 mesmerising its English customers in China. These are, in fact, the latest Motorola phones such as Motorola […]

Top 5 tips on how to score super low rise jeans like a fashionista

Top 5 Tips On How To Score Super Low Rise Jeans Like A Fashionista It’s all in the waist Be sure the hipster jeans fit well around your waist. You’d want to put this first as you need to get comfort and fit just right. You don’t want to look funny wearing jeans that don’t […]

I loved the wonderful history of skagen design

I loved the wonderful history of Skagen Design Way back in 1986 Henrik Jorst and Charlotte Kjolbye were introduced at a company soiree and they ended up falling for each other. Shortly after, Carlsberg brewers, Henrik’s then bosses transferred him to The Big Apple to take over their North American marketing setup. Not long after, […]

Women's swimwear trends

2010 Women's Swimwear Trends The latest swimwear fashions are already hitting the stores. We are going to tell you what you will be seeing by the pool or on the beaches in 2010 or on that upcoming trip to a warm getaway. Back detailing is a new trend for 2010 swimwear especially in the sexy […]

Latest fashion trendy collection

Latest Fashion Trendy Collection A small fashion show by Pantaloons unveiled the latest trendy collection by Pantaloons. Designer Sanchita Ajjampur was rewarded with the award for best designers category of female and Manish Malhotra got the same for males category. Lisa Haydon was selected as the best model in India. Kalki won an award for […]