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The tradition and fashion of hair color

The tradition and fashion of hair color The fashion of using hair colors is not a tradition of the recent years; rather it is a tradition being practiced for ages. The basic function of hair color is to change gray hairs back to its natural colors. But this is not the only reason of using […]

The bride wore a veil of history to bring wedding

The bride wore a veil of history to bring wedding Initially, the bride wore a special plus size one shoulder dress, wearing the veil a symbol of youth and purity. Christian bride or wearing a white veil to express pure and celebrate, or wearing a blue veil to show as pure as the Virgin Mary. […]

The well-known american bag brand kooba

The Well-known American Bag Brand Kooba Kooba- American famous bag brand , founded in 1998 by mother Bonnie and daughter Abbe Held in the United States. In China, the brand is not well-known to many people, But in the United States, Kooba is very popular. Today let me introduce the brand Kooba. Kooba bags were […]

The sweet perfume of love

The Sweet Perfume Of Love When it comes to love and attraction, it all starts in our heads. And what better way to get in the mood than by simply smelling nice. Napoleon used nearly a whole bottle of eau de cologne a day. Indian brides are often massaged all over their bodies with scented […]

The story of coco chanel: legend of a fashion icon

The Story of Coco Chanel: Legend of a Fashion Icon Throughout history, many fashion icons have built their houses on rocky ground. Some have fallen. Rising to the top is the House of Chanel. Commanding attention as a leader in revenue and demand for fashion-conscious women, Chanel handbags—and the designer herself—have stood the test of […]