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Designer sunglasses as fashion accessories

Designer Sunglasses as Fashion Accessories Designer sunglasses had gained popularity among individuals who adore fashion. In fact, these pieces of accessories provide more than just protection from the sun’s UV rays. They had become valuable fashion pieces that can complete your entire look. Some of the popular brands of designer shades or sunglasses include Gucci, […]

Wearing alain mikli eye glasses an absolute fun

Wearing Alain Mikli Eye Glasses an absolute fun The real name of Alain Mikli is Alain Miklitarian and was born back in the year of1955. Alain Mikli is actually a French designer specialized in creation of high quality and super stylish eye glasses and other accessories. Alain Mikli has lined up features that include unique […]

The history of fendi

The History of Fendi The early roots of the Italian fashion house Fendi can be traced back to 1918 when Adele Casagrande opened a modest little leather and fur shop in Rome. The Fendi name itself, came into existence in 1925, with Adeles marriage to Edoardo Fendi. Business was good for the newlyweds, and by […]

Are you a member of the red room

Are you A Member of the Red Room? You are if your favorite fragrance designer is Elizabeth Arden. Having been the founder and creator of one the largest fragrance and beauty companies to ever exist, its hard to shop without seeing or smelling an Elizabeth Arden perfume while passing through a shopping mall or even […]

With a cool looking phone sony ericsson w705

With A Cool Looking Phone Sony Ericsson W705 Hi guys, there is a really cool looking phone which named Sony Ericsson W705. You will definitely go tumbling over its looks. Really nice, wide TFT screen, cool silverish color and bright colors to give you the best of the phone Sony Ericsson W705. you can get. […]