Архивы за месяц Октябрь, 2010

Giorgio armani said: «women like to show their legs

pink knee length cocktail dresses unique eye-catching style pink knee length cocktail dresses from china pink knee length cocktail dresses 2010 from weddinggownswholesale.com. now sign up=free shipping this week. free tailor-made,7days refund be free to check the fabric before your purchase Giorgio Armani said: «Women like to show their legs.» We’ll look at pink knee […]

Ostrich skin bag, the epitome of exotic luxury

Ostrich skin bag, the Epitome of Exotic Luxury Ostrich skin is one of the most sumptuous exotic leathers which have been widely used by fashion designers. It features quill follicles and great durability, which makes this leather a perfect material for crafting products such as boots, belts, shoes, handbags and jackets. Renowned luxury goods companies […]

Ugg boots fashion and ugg bailey button

Ugg Boots Fashion And Ugg Bailey Button Some boots feature pebbled leather upper, lace-up fronts with sheepskin cuffs for a stylish look.  They come with a side pocket and buckled belt on the side that looks great with cargo pants. Recently, uggs featuring metallic rivets and come in an extensive range of hues like black, […]

Why cufflinks are such an important men’s accessory

Why cufflinks are such an important men’s accessory Most of the people neglect buying cufflinks and concentrate on the other items of their formal dress code but, this simple item could make a great difference. The cufflink is one of the smallest items that make the greatest difference in a man’s appearance. Choosing the suitable […]

Women's fashion on the high street and the high plains: cultural bridges in women's fashion

Women's Fashion On The High Street And The High Plains: Cultural Bridges In Women's Fashion In this series of articles on women’s fashion, we tracked the emerging phenomenon of the Global Traveller look, and attempted to predict its legitimacy against the backdrop of a frighteningly distasteful ethnic fashion shoot from French Vogue where models were […]