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Popular styles in ballet heels

Popular Styles in Ballet Heels Want to be fabulously demure in ballet heels? These conservatively popular styles in ballet heels will keep you at the height of fashion in a subtle way. Perfect for work or for everyday comfort, these ballet heels are great additions to your closet. The Elly ballet heels from Cole Haan […]

Types of bras — top seven styles

Types Of Bras — Top Seven Styles Did you know that there are various types of bras? In fact, there are 31 common styles, each with their own design and purpose for almost every clothing style, breast size, body shape, and even physical activity. Whew! Who would have thought that brassieres could be as varied […]

Designer shoes

Designer Shoes People have been wearing shoes for the last 26,000 years, so it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that we are very good at making them. I wonder if 26,000 years ago they were classified as designer shoes?Shoe makers make shoes for every event known to modern day men and women from city […]

No 5

No 5. Coach Gramercy Op Art Pouch To own a designer handbag is every woman’s dream, but not everyone can afford the handbags from world top fashion houses. I bet a great many women may have to tighten their belts to buy a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. Have you ever considered the Coach handbags? […]

How to apply hair extensions

How to Apply Hair Extensions? How to apply hair extensions? You could always visit a professional salon to get your hair extensions applied. However, if you are the DIY kind who loves to get hands on with things then you could apply hair extensions on your own as well. Here are some things to look […]