Pay attention to 7 advices of buying mobile phones

Pay Attention To 7 Advices Of Buying Mobile Phones

Mobile phone to become an indispensable communication of public life, in the settlement of communications,  mobile phones pay more attention to fashion, powerful, beautiful appearance,such as  cellphone mp3 ,cell phone watch,  Slide Cell Phones,   Flip Phone ,  Bluetooth cellphone, WIFI Cell Phone , Java Cell Phone. how should we choose it for their own models then?

1.One can not blindly pursue New:

Due to the rapid development of communications technology, just-listed mobile phone is not fully mature due to technical, so all aspects of the function is not yet perfect, if we are to catch up with the fashion, looking only to remain in the «new» on, then bought back the phone may blink of an eye have been eliminated between. On the other hand, the new high-end mobile phones in the market the first time, the general prices are abnormally high, for example, the listing price of the Nokia n97 has just more than 10,000 yuan, but it was not long before the price dropped to three thousand dollars. Therefore, choosing the right time becomes very important. In addition, from the sound quality on the distinction between high-grade machine with not much difference between low-end machines. Solely on the GSM system for example, calls itself when there is a sense of drift and empty, so a difference of several thousand or even million of low-end machines and high-end sound on the machine is not necessarily how much the gap.

2, do not think that the more expensive the better mobile phone:

Conventional consumer attitudes may think that first-price first-class goods, mobile phones the higher the price, its quality and performance should be better than other types of products, in fact, is not so. The more expensive the price of mobile phones and do not represent the received signal and the sound quality will be better. The value of their expensive mobile phones are often based on the subsidiary functions, such as voice-activated dialing, built-in modem. But not necessarily all of the features are applicable to all consumers, so before buying should be more understanding and more compared to the market, there are still many «cheap and good cause» mobile phone.

3, can not listen to the one-sided vendor words:

In order to get more high profits, there are many mobile phone vendors tend Yijiachongzhen, shoddy, with those fakes, parallel to deceive those who do not come into contact with, or bought a mobile phone user. At this point, we can not listen to vendors, one-sided testimony, it will surely refer to elements of the various mobile phone each inspection, and carefully check the random product introductions included.

4, note that mobile phone use of time and battery:

Handset talk and standby time, the better. This will not only require large-capacity battery or dual-battery mode, the phone itself should also be low-power micro-chip technology. Only a combination of both phone calls and the waiting time to really be extended. Moreover, the battery life and charge and discharge cycles related to the use of low-power micro-chip technology, the use of mobile phones a long time to reduce the number of charging and discharging, the battery life is also extended accordingly.

5, in advance to find out themselves «fancy» mobile phone features:

I am sure you buy cell phone before the user will certainly be there to various mobile phone vendors to run a run, look around to see if there are style, price of such a system, once the fancy their favorite style, the affirmative will specifically ask The phone features all aspects, in fact, doing so we buy mobile phones a very important aspect, because only in detail the exact function of a mobile phone find out, can not be advertised specious words to confuse. For instance, some claims can store 250 phone telephone numbers, but consumers to buy back the 20 numbers are stored only on the full, detailed look at a note found, «In the SIM card can store up to 250» and the phone itself but can not save a few.

6, the best selection of mobile phones can use regular batteries:

Frequently in outdoor activities and the phone frequently, often have such an experience: telephone play is energetically, the battery suddenly no power, though they could not find a place immediately be able to charge, which some people may choose to use regular batteries phone.

7, make sure to get after-sales service:

Only by establishing a sound service system, we can really relieve us of our mobile phone users to worry about. Usually, since the date of purchase the warranty time limit should normally be for one year. Maintenance cycle length with the maintenance standard of vendors and with the manufacturers of spare parts and technical support to its degree. Some vendors with «replacement» to be guaranteed one-year warranty, from a cost in terms of 11 may not be achieved, please confirm the time of purchase to the dealer. Therefore, we chose to have a Quanguolianbao the best after-sales service system manufacturers later problems when the phone service we can in a timely manner, while also full of confidence after purchase.

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