Bag questions and answers

Bag Questions and Answers

See I enjoy a Louis Vuitton pod that I get a few months rear legs. My friend is recounting me its a not genuine case because ?
the straps are still beige. But I only wore the purse once because I got pen on my bag the pen exploded on the pod. So, I was wondering do I have to wear it to know how to tell if it is a real one so that the straps transformation to a brown color? It was given to me as a gift. Real…

Where can i find a messenger pouch that will hold everything, and hold a place to put my wallet? ?
i want to eliminate the purse factor at school, but not be lugging around a humongo purse. something that would work for school get a lesport sac. i own the courrier for school and it rocks!

a tote pod for skool? relief pleaseeeeeeeeee!!
i want to get a tote for school this year contained by staed of using a stupid bookbag(in my opinoin) but i can;t seem to find one does anybody know a good qualitly to buy or a brand and where on earth i can get it at? instead of getting a tote bag achieve a cute messenger bag from like holliser or ambercrombie it…

i have need of oversize bag/tote!!?
i need a bag or really big tote for college i need to know where they provide them and pics I’m kinda on a budget so plz make it 20$ or less!thnx~! Forever 21 have a bunch! ~…Wet Seal ~…PacSun ~ they have some for under $20!… $13.80:…$18.90:…$9.80:…$18.90:…$14.80:…$16.99:…$18.00:……………………… You can buy it from…Hope this…

$600 Choice of LV Bag or Makeup?
Although i would LOVE.. to have Louis Vuitton, Chole, Dior, Chanel and Fendi most of them are over $600 bucks but i would rather use that money to buy Makeup within my opinion. I rather buy a copied bags, cuz for me i love their design and their material, not the NAME that shows out which i really dont guardianship for, and since i can…

$700 for a GUCCI pack? Is that STUPID or SMART?
$700 for a GUCCI bag? Is that STUPID?Even if the bag retails for $1,500 + buying it for $700 is that completely stupid? & why? I reckon that paying that much for a bag is stupid.I would NEVER save up my money, and later spend it on a bag.I mean, come on!Unless you are retired and adjectives the good purses are like, 500 dollars….

I lately brought this sack within the MULTI color, should I return it or maintain it!!!!PICS!!Is this cute?!… i think it is really cute i wouldn’t mind getting it since i need a unmarked purse

Anyone know where on earth to get hold of a red pucca pouch?
First of all.does anyone know who Pucca is? lol…i want a red messager bag that ahs pucca on it. Anyone knwo where on earth to get one? lol you can go to any asian endowment shops. lots of cheap but cute stuff like for your phone, stationary, accessories etc.from characters such as mashi maro, morning glory, blue accept etc..… Yes, i know who…

I want to purchase this Vinyl Tote:…Does anyone know where I can get it??Thanks!!… You can capture that bag at any Bloomingdales. I saw it the other day, and here are different sizes too (big, medium, and small). Hope this helps I get mine at bloomingdales.So fabulous!

Is this a REAL harajuku lovers bag(pic included)?… i dont know. cant tell. but that sure is one ugly rucksack. looks like an explosion at a paint factory… It has the sticker, the logo and the charm. Yes, it is. For ten dollars? I think not. Yes I agree, the tag, logo and charm clear it look like a real Harajuku backpack. However, there are so many cute stacks from them,…

Where can I find a cute tote shoulder bag?
Next time we go to the beach.I want to transport a really cute tote bag to carry my stuff surrounded by because ususally I carry my towels and stuff in my hand and it gets annoying because I keep dropping stuff. okay ably walmart has assorted color tote bags for 2.99 respectively, and their made so you could decorate them, but i just use…

I Love THIS BAG ,do you reason I should buy it?
I Love THIS BAG ,do you think I should buy it?… YESBUY IT/ i think that what i suggest you looks know INDOCHINO is a leader in online, custom tailored suits. They provide premium level suits and formalwear in the latest styles — back by superior customer service and fast delivery times.It is better than yours. Hi, If you resembling it that’s all…

I’m not a plastic pack! purse?
Where do you find those bags that have I’m not a plastic purse! written on them? Help me please. i found mine here. : ) oo ebay has them for between lb10 and lb20 i think??thats where on earth i got mine 😀 xxxx… haha i’ve never heard of that..sounds fun though. goodluck findin one :)since i’ve never see any..i decided to look…

Im not a plastic bag?
Should I buy the Im not a plastic bag to use as a backpack for school. It is fake, but the single diffrerence is the ribbon on the front of the bag. Uh does it matter? Just procure it. get it! no one will know its a phony one.. i love that bag but i dont know where to acquire it here in spain!…

Murse a.k.a men’s pouch?
Hi, Im a 15 year old guy who travels alot and needs to bring like mad of books on train. I have a fairly considerable messenger bag by coach. Is it okay for a straright guy to wear these bags and not be incorrerctly criticized as man gay or metro? I’m just wondering because I received some puzzling comments and I’m just close to, its…

Russell And I Love The Same Brand daypack by!?
Where are people getting these bags?…I’ve see a few people with them but I enjoy looked on the asos website and can’t find them, anyone know where you get them from? They come free next to your order. I have one but not that slogan.. can’t remember what mine is.. something not so interesting.Oh, remembered! It’s ‘mode is posh’.

loot bag thinking for 16/17 year olds?
ya i know thats a little old for loot bags but i wanna contribute something to my friends before they leave! so um so far i own lipgloss these really nice smeling sprays.. umm what else ?! help please! jewellery, cellphone frills, nail polish?you can get different stuff for different ethnic group. for example if someone likes reading you can get the approaching a…

this is not a designer label pod?
where can i find a cheap bag that say this is not a designer label ?please help!i really want one for schoolplease HELP! I clear custom purses, check out my site, if you like, i can make you one inwardly a roxy? Try Ta
rget. They have tons of cute bags at low prices. Try and you can custom get one for probably…

‘Bikini’ bag- -where to draw from one?
Does anyone know where I can get a pod made by ‘Bikini’ with a picture of a flight attendant / air hostess on the front? Thanks! There’s a shop contained by Nottingham City Centre called Tokenhouse and they sell some Bikini stuff. I’ve lately purchased a passport holder with the flight attendant on the front. from a store nearby

‘shooping’ as cut of a quote on a pack. What’s the rest of it?
I remember seeing it on a messenger bag, and the sentence was something more or less getting ready to go ‘shooping’ or something. There be another intentional misspelling, and the head of an anime character, contained by outline form.What was the quote? SHOOP DA WOOP! This is the sound made by a part who is ‘a chargin his lazars!’ The typical anime character shown…

(PIC) Is this a knock past its sell-by date Gucci rucksack?
I bought it today, not with the intention of wanting a designer bag I lately thought it looked nice. But the thing is I now hold in my head that it looks similar to a really bad knock off Gucci backpack. What do you think? Should I return it?PIC >>… definately, the g is the kind they use on a guess rucksack……

(PIC) Ok…so its in a minute a GUESS sack!?
Is this a really bad knockoff of a Guess bag or do you similar to it. Opinions please peopleee =)I dont kow whether to return it! (Im 16 btw =D)PIC >>… lol! I answered ur last question! For some basis it looks like a knock off to me… where on earth did u buy it? How much was it? I would suggest buying a…

(Tote) Bag for university?
Where can I find a cute tote bag for school? I want one sort of similar to this:… Also any additional links would be great.Thanks!…$24.95…$39.50…$29.50…$14.95…$9.99…$12.99…$12.99hope this helps! you could try Topshop, do u enjoy that in America?… American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch have tons of cute tote lots for school. I SAW that exact same one in american eagle for close…

**Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag-tote or not??!**
Hi, This question is aimed at handbag enthusiasts.I am debating about purchasing the Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag which is a lovely sack. However you can either go for the tote (which is the two handle one, which can be worn over the arm) or the single strap one which is designed for across the body, i cannot decide which is the best one! Any advice…

**HELP** Backpack/Messenger Bag for School?
Hey. I’m looking for a new backpack or messenger bag as I herald back to high college this year. It’s a prep school with no lockers, so I necessitate a large and durable bag to get all my books. It also has uniform, so I’d like a unique rucksack that will stand out. I’m not into AE, Hollister, Aeropostale, or A and F. I’m more…

*Which pack should I find?*?…I totally heart this one!Or…This one is quite adorable also!* They are both kind of cute but why don’t you buy smaller amount expensive bags? You could get two next to a similar look for a lot less money. I’ve never really gotten into the unharmed expensive purse thing myself. I prefer to invest money in peices similar to shirts or pants that…

-Coach Experts- Does anyone know what this shoulder bag is call?…However, instead of the blue suede, it would be dark brown leather. I can’t seem to find it on Thank you!=] It is an elder version that has not be on the website since 2007. I have that bag, in reality, in brown.…That is probably the closest thing to the daypack you are looking for.Try typing the description in on Google.Good Luck (:…

.what coach purse should i seize?.?
brb i’ll show youEDIT……pink or khaki……… Cute! (in the gold)…This blue color is cute.…Also in the blue…In ANY color this is cute… DON’T get the Carly I bought the biggest one and the strap is supper gluey and doesn’t stay on my shoulder and is hard to carry and if it stays on my shoulder it hurts. idk, it would tough to…

1 authentic Chanel shoulder bag or 10 knock sour ?
if you were me,,help me choose! 1 authentic… why buy 10 deceitful ones when you can have the real entity?lets do some guessing each counterfeit bag will be about 20 bucks20 x 10 = 200you could of late take that 200 and invest in an authentic designer pod instead of wasting money on knockoffs that will fall apart after a months worth of use….

1 of my NY resolutions is to stop using plastic loads.Can anyone recommend a pious brand of bag/trolley?
I have a toddler and need some sort of system to get my shopping around — I can’t get away with have lots of things in my hands. For my sins, I own been looking quite enviously at those trolley things that ripened people pull along. Someone have suggested that there is actually fairly a trendy one that’s made by someone. Grateful for any ideas…

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