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Braccialini cardellino

Braccialini Cardellino Braccialini Bandolera de deporte Jacquard — Negro/Verde La marca Braccialini fue fundada en 1954 bajo la direcci?n de Roberto y Carla Braccialini, que abrieron la primera tienda de bolsos. Desde entonces, la marca es sin?nimo de color, de feminidad, de formas imaginativas y los detalles de la m?s alta calidad. Su lema es […]

Whats up with a badger shaving brush

Whats Up With a Badger Shaving Brush? It was changing trends in mens facial hair in the 18th century that led to the first shaving brushes being produced and ever since then the simple shaving brush has gone through numerous design changes and improvements. In fact, for a long time they pretty much went out […]


No.10 Chanel Classic Quilted Flap Bag in Lambskin I have always been hesitating to comment on Chanel bags. In my point of view, one only has the right to praise or criticize something unless one really knows it. Although I have little knowledge about Chanel, I still appreciate its glamorous and classic flap bag as […]

Prime hide leather uk — quality leather

Prime Hide Leather UK — Quality Leather Prime Hide Leather UK — newish Brand… is just introducing its latest ranges of Leather wallets, Leather purses and Credit Card holders, Leather Bags and Quality Hide Leather belts Prime Hide Leather band has been around for a few years …. This year they have introduced new ranges […]

Uggs aren’t ugly

Uggs Aren’t Ugly! Hot New Ugg Styles Out Now! Ugg Boots have been around for a while now but they are still a massive hit with celebrities like Milla Jocovich, actress, fashion designer and style queen, who has been seen out and about recently sporting a pair of new Uggs, the classic Cardy. With their […]