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Cosmetic application

Cosmetic Application Make-Up: The Dos and Don’t s of Cosmetic Application I remember being a small child and sitting on a footstool beside my mother’s vanity table and watching her apply her make-up. She called it “putting on her pretty face”. I was fascinated. There were these bottles and brushes and powders and pads and [...]

Tattoo design

Tattoo Design If you like tattoos so much or you’re currently considering of getting your first one or new one, and you’re out of inspiration of what is going to be putted, then you’ve come to the right place. Tattoos are very personal to someone, since it will forever attach to one’s skin. And that [...]

Far east nobility become fashionable new force

Far East Nobility Become Fashionable New Force China style,Russia style, India style,Arab air style … … few years, the old fashion world seems to constantly tap the Far East culture. At the same time, these gorgeous designs are accompanied by charming luxury brands Dongzheng pace. In addition to including Russia, China, India and the Middle [...]

The philosophy behind designer inspired purses

The Philosophy behind Designer Inspired Purses For women who could not possibly own all styles of designer purses that fit occasions and outfits, there is a need to find ways to own high-quality and fashionable accessories at fair prices. Replicas or fake versions of designer purses are getting popular, but there are still more women [...]

A real juicy story – the great history of juicy couture

A Real Juicy Story – the Great History of Juicy Couture Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Taylor (wife of John Taylor of Duran-Duran) founded Juicy Couture in 1994. The company started as a designer T-Shirt company. The look of the company changed drastically in 1999 with tho companies entrance into the denim and sportswear market. Next [...]