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Gucci sunglasses- the best sunglasses to buy

Gucci Sunglasses- The Best Sunglasses to Buy The name Gucci is synonymous with style, glamour, class and elegance. Founded in 1906 by Guccio Gucci, the brand is famous worldwide for its leather goods. In the 1990′s when Tom Ford took over the brand, he reinvented the label and reintroduced it in the market, with products [...]

Cosmetic application

Cosmetic Application Make-Up: The Dos and Don’t s of Cosmetic Application I remember being a small child and sitting on a footstool beside my mother’s vanity table and watching her apply her make-up. She called it “putting on her pretty face”. I was fascinated. There were these bottles and brushes and powders and pads and [...]

Personal care products: enjoy healthy living

Personal Care Products: Enjoy Healthy Living It is extremely important to take care of one’s health and body. Without proper care, our bodies will be prone to various kinds of infections and allergies. These days, a lot of importance is paid to the looks and personality of a person. If the person is not well [...]

Explore the world of hair straighteners

Explore the World of Hair Straighteners The adjectives ‘beautiful’ that goes with women and another adjectives ‘handsome’ that goes with the men depends on several factors. Besides personality, cosmetics, jewelries, shoes, purse/wallets and costumes play a vital role. In addition to it one of the latest tools that will add another adjective to your appearance [...]

Are you a member of the red room

Are you A Member of the Red Room? You are if your favorite fragrance designer is Elizabeth Arden. Having been the founder and creator of one the largest fragrance and beauty companies to ever exist, its hard to shop without seeing or smelling an Elizabeth Arden perfume while passing through a shopping mall or even [...]