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Rock the trend: slouchy trousers

Rock the Trend: Slouchy Trousers For Fall 2008, there is no hotter trend the slouchy trouser for women.  It combines the always fashionable menswear trend and infuses it with a touch of classic femininity.  The trousers are best described as low-slung and roomy.  They have a relaxed yet tailored quality that is very appealing.  However, […]

How to create rhinestone belt buckle on your own

How to Create Rhinestone Belt Buckle on Your Own? Besides the usual buckles available in the market, there are buckles which are shiny and also fun fashion statements nowadays which are known as Rhinestone belt buckles. You can find them in boutiques as well as online and you would be surprised to see that they […]

What are the best dress styles if you are flat-chested

What Are The Best Dress Styles If You Are Flat-Chested? To maximize your appearance, you need to learn how to minimize your flaws and maximize your attributes. Everyone’s body is different. One of the areas that women often struggle with is maximizing or minimizing the size of their breasts. For flat chested women, maximizing the […]

Designer wedding dresses trends

2010 Designer Wedding Dresses Trends The bride and the dress she is wearing are always focuses on any wedding. Today brides-to-be prefer designer wedding dresses where both traditional and modern versions are crafted. There is a vast range of styles, hues and accessories when it comes to designer wedding dresses. These special pieces own a […]

Flattering what you have — plus size swimwear

Flattering What you Have — Plus Size Swimwear Presently, the fashion scene for plus size women is more varied and exciting than ever compared to the selections that were in the past. There are exotic stripes, prints and colors and swimwear fashion is no exception. And shopping for the perfect swimsuit is now a lot […]