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Ugg classic mini boots-great additions for your spring look

Ugg Classic Mini Boots-Great Additions For Your Spring Look UGG sheepskin boots always make you get in touch with the latest trends. Keep your eyes open to the newest signals released from the vogue arena; you will know these shoes define a completely new trend on footwear fashion. They do not splurge elegant designs. On […]

A wedding on a budget

A Wedding on a Budget A wedding is a very special time in your life and it can also be a very expensive time in your life. Each year weddings seem to become bigger, better and more elaborate. But it is not how much you spend on your wedding that will determine whether it is […]

The boho-chic look

The Boho-Chic Look Ever want to channel your inner hippie chick but you’re unsure where to start? Instead of going all out in hippie gear its best to start small. That’s why the Linea Pelle «Janis Fringe Clutch and Wristlet» is the perfect accessory for any flower child. The bohemian style hit the fashion world […]

Designer wedding dresses trends

2010 Designer Wedding Dresses Trends The bride and the dress she is wearing are always focuses on any wedding. Today brides-to-be prefer designer wedding dresses where both traditional and modern versions are crafted. There is a vast range of styles, hues and accessories when it comes to designer wedding dresses. These special pieces own a […]

Tips on tartan

Tips on Tartan Tartan is in town this Autumn and Winter, which is fabulous for all of you with Scottish or Irish ancestors, but perhaps more of a challenge for everybody else!  Even if you do have a family tartan, the colours may not necessarily suit you.  I am lucky enough to fall into that […]