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Transparent lingerie and where to buy them

Transparent Lingerie and Where to Buy Them The best thing about shopping for lingerie, both online and offline, is that there are so many styles, designs, colors, and accessories to choose from to make that night with your man a wild and romantic one.  You have the lacy baby doll lingerie, the bikini lingerie, and […]

How to wear a comfortable wayfarer sunglasses

How To Wear A Comfortable Wayfarer Sunglasses? It also part of the line of decorated Wayfarers. Oversized Wayfarer shades are also a traps staple nowadays. They have persisted awaiting nowadays because of its glossy flare and kill. They are a classic — first manufactured in early 1950’s, yet have persisted in the craze outlook for […]

History of fashion: ancient rome

History Of Fashion: Ancient Rome The legend tells that Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC, by the twin sons of Mars, Romulus and Remus. Romulus killed his brother over the throne and became the sole ruler of Rome. He reigned until 715 BC, when he was succeeded by Numa Pompilius, the founder of […]

Perfect combination of gucci dress and gucci accessories

Perfect Combination of Gucci Dress and Gucci Accessories If we match a dress with different accessories, it may present us totally different appearance. A good matching can change a simple dress to an exciting, eye-catching look in an instant, but if we match inappropriate accessories, it would ruin the overall appearance no matter whether your […]

Fall’s must have rings

Fall’s Must Have Rings Of all the “it” items for the upcoming season, it’s hard to choose where to start. There’s that fabulous new coat you’ve been eyeing, those killer boots or that new handbag. But luckily for fashionistas on a budget, accessories like cocktail rings are affordable and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe […]