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Dressing for your body type

Dressing for Your Body Type Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress; but not every woman looks like a runway model. Whether you have short legs, curvy hips, a straight waist, a flat chest or whatever your body type may be, the guidelines below can help you determine what your body type is […]

Valentino leopard print goat hair bag

Valentino Leopard Print Goat Hair Bag Valentino released a sophisticated and elegant collection for the fall and winter seasons. In their recent fabulous fashion show, you have got the chance to feast your eyes on opulent dresses, chic suits, gorgeous shoes, exquisite jewelry and of course beautiful Valentino handbags. The new designer team Maria Grazia […]

Readymade sarees are a possibility now

Readymade sarees are a possibility now Saree is most loved attire by women. Every Indian woman loves to wear it. But with fast becoming time many women find wearing saree on daily basis very hectic. According to them it takes time and this is right also. Wearing sari gracefully is desire of every woman. But […]

Chanel luxury bag on new york times magazine's summer edition

Chanel Luxury Bag on New York Times Magazine's Summer Edition! No fancy clothes, no gorgeous makeup, only a simple thin layer of lipstick and eye makeup, Sara Blomqvist put in an appearance with a most natural and transparentimage in New York Times Magazine’s summer edition, showing the simplicity of the natural beauty. Under the photographer […]

Thierry mugler — contender in the fashion scene

Thierry Mugler — Contender in the Fashion Scene Popularly known as one of the premier fragrance designers of France, Thierry Mugler actually did not start his career in the development of fragrances. In fact, Mugler started his career in the fashion industry. His works have been around since 1974, and since then have been constant […]