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All about contact lens – a means of both vision correction and look enhancement

All About Contact Lens – A Means of Both Vision Correction and Look Enhancement Contact lenses have taken the place of glasses in the twenty-first century world. Though lenses were primarily meant for vision correction, they have now become much of a fashion accessory for today’s youngsters. Growing demand for contact lenses has eclipsed the […]

Tips design for skin

Tips Design for Skin People say «men would achieve the path of salvation the day they would be able to understand ‘what women want’». Yes, it’s a tough call though; still men never fail to try, at least! After a prolonged survey celebrated men’s designer Arjun Khanna was finally able to figure out what women […]

Twin benefits of a complete shoes closet

Twin Benefits of a Complete Shoes Closet People usually consider shoes as wardrobe’s belongings. With the passage of time, people become more prone to fashion, which leads to the development of shoes closet or shoes cabinet. In general, shoes cabinet is meant for storing shoes. Basically, shoes are used for outdoor recreation and it is […]

Add-on — for men hair loss

Add-on — for Men Hair Loss It is sad to see that men suffering with severe hair loss often wait until very late in the process before finally they realize that they need to undergo some kind of treatment for hair loss when it becomes difficult or take a long time to finally get cured. […]

Looking after your leather

Looking After Your Leather Today, gloves are a stylish and practical accessory to compliment your busy lifestyle. Like any other high quality accessory, your gloves need to be treated with care if they are to retain their naturally pleasing appearance. We hope the following guidelines will prove helpful in keeping your fine gloves and leather […]