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Cartier watches match style and substance

2009 Cartier Watches Match Style And Substance The French jeweler Cartier has always spared no effort in debuting the best watches for the mass. Untill now eleven understated watch models with complicated movements have been launched into the market, which is an honorable move. All these splendid timepieces produced by Cartier can be regarded as […]

Short history of lingerie

Short history of lingerie The pioneers of lingerie were Egyptian women who used to wear additional tunics as a lingerie. But they were available only for more wealthy women. The ancient Greeks used to wind breast with strips of textiles to emphasize their curves. The propel history of lingerie begun in the 18th century and […]

How to choose sexy lingerie

How to choose sexy lingerie Choosing the right lingerie is not that easy because you need to choose something that really goes well with you and your taste. There are dozens of lingerie styles that are suitable for different uses and occasions and if you are looking for anything related to lingerie then Playful Threads […]

The jollibee legacy

The Jollibee Legacy When it comes to fast food chains here in the Philippines, the Jollibee Food Corporation is among of the best that can sate every Filipino’s hunger for American and Philippine cuisine. The Jollibee Food Corporation is an American-style fast-food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes specializing in chicken, burgers, spaghetti and some local Filipino […]